Covered In Fleas, Curled Up On Road And Too Weak To Keep Going

A little puppy was lying alone in the middle of the road. People walked past him without stopping. Stray dogs are not uncommon.

Every life matters! Every life is worth saving!

The pup was very weak. He was covered with so many fleas that his poor body was falling apart. Every flea that drank his blood contributed to his anemia. This puppy needed help and he needed it immediately!

He curled up in a ball and his little heart broke. He felt useless, but all that was about to change. A woman working at a local shelter heard about the puppy and rushed over. She gently picked him up and realized that he had thousands of fleas. He also had Demodex. It was necessary to take him to the vet immediately.

The vet and the woman who rescued the puppy put him on the examination table and started treatment quickly. He needed flea baths and extensive medical examinations. They needed to determine how anemic he was. They also had to start treating his closet with antibiotics and daily medicated baths.

The puppy began to feel safe, especially with the woman who rescued him. She promised to find him the perfect home. She called a friend who would take care of her and her friend agreed to adopt the puppy. As soon as he received the necessary medical care, he could go straight to his new mom

The brave little man loved his new home. He was no longer cold and hungry on the streets. He had everything his little heart desired. He also had a little brother or sister and they immediately got along well. The puppy continued to develop beautifully. His favorite thing was sleeping in his new, soft bed. No more cold cement for this baby!

One year later, the puppy is not so little anymore, but very happy! We are so grateful that he is doing so well and that his past is forever behind him. His little broken heart is now whole again.

Remember, all homeless animals are struggling to survive. It is important that your pet is neutered or castrated.

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