Sloth sanctuary looks after baby sloths that lost their moms

Sam Trull has been trying to help these cute creatures return to their natural habitat for almost 10 years.

By the way, she is the co-founder of The Sloth Institute, which is located in Costa Rica.

Sam told Manhattan Book Review that what she likes about these creatures is that they live their own lives.

This is Kermie. When Sam rescued her, she got the idea to start this sanctuary.

Sam realizes that there are many kinds of animals, which eat all kinds of things and do all kinds of things…

And that’s exactly why she adores sloths, who enjoy their lives and don’t care about anything else.

The sanctuary works on the principle of slowly acclimating the sloths to their area, the jungle, before letting them live there.

Sam wants to return all the sloths in his care to the jungle.

As she says, the goals of this sanctuary are research, publication of reliable facts about these creatures and cooperation.

It is known that these animals require many trees in their life.

The forest is everything to them.

If they are removed from the wild, these little creatures do not feel well.

Cutting trees leaves very bad consequences for them.

Noise from machines like cars is also a problem for them.

They are not able to react quickly, so it scares them.

People need to know basic information about sloths so that they can help them.

Never try to catch a sloth in order to photograph it. Leave them alone.

Let them enjoy their life, eating and relaxing.

However, they are not as withdrawn as they present themselves.

Get informed and, if you can, help The Sloth Institute.

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