Wolf Advocate Gives Up Everything To Live With Wolf Dogs

Kraus, a California conservationist, shares her bed every night with Damu – a cross breed of Timber, Hudson Bay and British Columbian wolf – at her ranch in Santa Rosa.

 Instead of going out to party, this 27-year-old enjoys slumber parties with her four-year-old furry friend, who often ends up spooning her while they’re catching up on their ZZZs.

Kimmi insists that the unusual sleeping arrangement is safe and that she trusts her animal companion with her life. She’s been raising Damu since he was just six weeks old.

And now at five feet and 90 pounds she takes care of him and other wolves at her facility as part of an educational initiative launched to help people understand the importance of conservation in California.

The wolves are born in captivity in government-approved wolf ‘eco-education facilities.’ Those facilities work on the conservation of wolves and rescue work and rehabilitation.

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