Man Notices Something Dangling From Cat’s Nose — Horrified When He Realizes What It Is

Do you have a cat? Do you love to watch them pounce and chase bugs? I have several cats, and honestly, some of them are – well, less than graceful and can be rather uncoordinated!

They try their best to chase bugs or the red laser dot – but, they just don’t seem to be all that good at it!

I still love them anyway! I am happy to say, that none of my cats have ever been as unfortunate as this gal.

This is Nathan’s cat – and yes, there is something hanging out of her nose.

cat and snake

The cat’s name is Marian. One day, Marian was making some strange noises

cat and snake
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Nathan’s family was shocked to see the thing hanging out of her nose.

Marian wasn’t willing to let anyone come close, at first.

cat and snake
Image Credit: N/A

But she was very uncomfortable.

Nathan finally managed to get a grip on her.

cat and snake
Image Credit: N/A

Poor Marian had a snake up her nose!

You have to wonder how this even happened.

cat and snake
Image Credit: N/A

How does a snake get up a cat’s nose?

Everyone assumed that Marian had eaten the snake while she was hunting.

cat and snake
Image Credit: N/A

She failed to chew, and well, the snake was fighting its way out!

Just look at how long that snake was!

cat and snake
Image Credit: N/A

This just goes to show you that it is very important to chew your food carefully!

cat and snake
Image Credit: N/A

Watch the video below to see how the family managed to get the snake out!

Warning, it isn’t pretty! But at least the snake is out.

Hopefully Marian learned her lesson!

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