Wildlife Photographer Captures Magical Moment Two Frogs Share A Hug In The Rain

Wildlife photographer Ajar Setiadi has always been drawn to capturing the secret lives of animals and reptiles in his hometown of Bogo, Indonesia.

There certainly isn’t a lack of wildlife where he lives, and he helps bring us closer to the secret natural world through photography.

This motivated him to get a camera and documents all the critters he’d spent hours watching.

After putting in many hours behind the camera, he’s developed a real talent for capturing the animals’ real emotional, human-like moments.

A common winner is watching white tree frogs take cover under plants when it rains, this is one of his favorite times.

One day, Ajar noticed one frog seem to gently shield and comfort another from the storm that was outside, all while under a little flower umbrella.

As soon as he took the photo, he knew it was something special, speaking to The Dodo he said “I could only get a few frames because this moment can’t be repeated.”

Capturing these magical, intimate moments takes a lot of patience, but shots like this make it all worth it for Ajar. “I let [the animals] act,” said Ajar. “I’m just waiting for the best moment.”

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