Wild Wolverine Mom Filmed Caring For Babies For The First Time

Wolverines are famous for their solitary nature, but a wildlife photographer recently captured a surprisingly tender moment between one wolverine and her child.

 While making his documentary Wolverine:
Ghost of the Northern Forest, Andrew Manske filmed a wolverine mom carefully carrying a tiny kit in her mouth to a new den.
According to Manske, the footage represents the first time a baby wolverine has been seen in the wild.

“We were shocked to see her come out in the middle of the day,” Manske told the CBC.

It was the behavior of male wolverines, however, that ended up surprising Manske and wildlife researchers alike.

“We started learning that male wolverines might play a bigger role in raising their young,” said Manske. “The male would come by every couple days just to check on them.”

Andrew Manske captured what he believes is a world first – footage of wild wolverine kits.
Their mother carries the pale grey, squealing, fluffy bundles outside the den while moving them to a new location in broad daylight.



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