She Moved In New Home And Finds A Note From The Cat`s Ex Owners Home

kitty cat

When this woman moved in her new house she was surprised with one note. The previous owners left her a note with only one favor. In the handwritten letter the ex owners requested to look for the feral kitty that lives in their yard.

The cat was born in that backyard 12 years ago. The cat is afraid of the people but they were leaving food and water every day. They even bought her a special cat house in the yard so she would have a shelter. The new owners decided to keep the tradition, and even make a bond with the feral cat.

This is touching story. Please WATCH The video:

What do you think about this ex owners note story ?

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2 Responses

  1. eric ives says:

    this family were angels to this kitty. i hope the new owner will have the sme caring and compassion for this kitty that the previous family did.

  2. Steven says:

    Can someone repost the video as Youtube says it’s not available. A group on FB shared this and I would like to add the video 🙂

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