Nature’s True Friends: Bikers Block Entire Highway to Save Dog (Video)

Bikers Stop Busy Highway Traffic to Rescue a Frightened Dog

Stopping on a busy highway is something that most people loathe to do for any reason. We take the highway, in the first place, to get where we need to go and to get there quickly. So, stopping that frenetic pace is a pretty counterintuitive thing to do for the vast majority of motorists.


These bikers gave it nary a second thought, however, as they formed a line with their vehicles to stop traffic in order to catch a terrified dog darting around in the road. According the video’s description, the dog had jumped from a car in Brazil when the bikers caught sight of it and sprang to action.

While it barely needs to be said that keeping your dog safely secured in a moving vehicle is imperative in every travel situation, the bigger theme of this video is the lengths to which these caring two-wheeled enthusiasts went in order to rescue one scared animal. You guys, compassion is still a thing! Isn’t it great?

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Dardan Thaqi
Dardan Thaqi
1 year ago

HEROES <3 <3

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