15 Adorable Photos of Owls Caught in a Warm Embrace

The cutest peck on the cheek you’ll see today! These owls prove they’re real love birds as they cuddle up for a kiss

The adorable animal antics were captured by photographers from around the world

 Owls belong to a group of birds that includes about 205 species. These species are sorted into two basic groups, the barn owls and the true owls.

Barn owls have a heart-shaped face, long legs and powerful talons. Barn owls are medium-sized birds with a wingspan of about 3½ feet. There are 16 species of barn owls, including the greater sooty owl, Australasian grass owl, ashy-faced owl, barn owl and Sulawesi owl.

SourceTrue owls are more diverse than barn owls, with nearly 190 species in about 23 genera. Some better known true owls include screech owls, horned owls and saw-whet owls. True owls vary in size from the tiny elf owl to the bulky Eurasian eagle owl. True owls have a round facial disc, a short tail and a large head. Their color is muted (consisting of mostly brown, rust, gray, white and black) and their pattern is mottled, helping to conceal them from both predators and prey.

Photo: Vladimir Kogan

Photo: Steve Liptrot

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