Meet Loki The Wolf Dog That Loves Being Wild And Free

I Take My Wolfdog On Epic Adventures Because I Hate To See Dogs Locked Away – Loki Owner

“I’m often surprised by how much joy animals can bring into our lives. Even more, the joy that comes from healthy relationships with them is really amazing. It seems hard to describe so I typically don’t try.” 

“Loki’s Instagram is really the product of that hard-to-describe emotion. Additionally, I believe dogs aren’t meant to live out their lives in a backyard or inside a house. I hate to see that. I hope we are inspiring people to get out, explore our world, and make memories with their pups.” says Loki Owner. 

This pup couldn’t look more at home charging through Colorado fluff while his human counterpart gets some fresh.

The wolf dog (in this case, part husky, part arctic wolf, and part malamute) is really just trying to live life.
More Info: Instagram

Loki LOVES snowboarding…and being outdoors …as well as goofin’ around with friends.


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