Mama Deer Watches as Kind Hearted Man Rescues Her Fawn

In the quick clip by Hikeart, a man frees a baby deer stuck in a metal gate. The fawn quickly runs to its mama after being freed.


Be sure and watch to the end to see the fawn reunite with her mother who anxiously watched the rescue!

How to Rescue a Fawn

Leave the fawn where it is when you find it. Do not take the fawn home. The mother is close by and your presence is keeping her away from her baby. Stay as far away from the fawn as possible so the mother can return to it.

Check the spot the next day and chances are good the fawn will be gone. You might find the fawn is still in the same general area but is moved to another spot. This does not mean the fawn is alone. Often the mother settles her baby in the same area for several days, just moving it a few feet.


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