Video captures the first sweet moments of a baby fawn

The life of a newborn is so precious. It is the perfect example of vulnerability and sweetness and at the same time there is the possibility of hope for a new life and beginning.

With the first cry or wobbly steps taken it is a sign that nature has done it’s job and now it is the mother that must take over with care and love and nurturing so that the baby will thrive.


All mammals and birds are dependent on their mothers when first born but many times others help share this responsibility. Whether it be in a flock, pack or family, caring for the newborn becomes the priority of all those involved.

It is a time when not only providing food and love and security for the baby is important but also the guidance toward becoming independent someday so that they also will be able to continue the cycle of perpetuation of their species.

The video below shows the tender first moments of a baby fawn as it rises to stand for the very first time. It is unsteady at first and in awe of it’s new existence. Soon though is becomes quite steadfast in it’s walk and begins to follow it’s mother who is always nearby to help her baby.

It is very touching to be able to witness these special moments which in the past were not available for all to see. It reminds us of how all life on this planet Earth is tied together.

We are not unique and above other species when it comes to raising our families. Rather we are apart of a large community of inhabitants on this Earth that all share the same kind of concern and love for our offspring. It is a huge lesson to be learned so that we can begin to treat all creatures with respect as we are all of the same beautiful plan that was bestowed upon us by our Creator.

An incredible video featuring a newborn baby deer feeling out his new surroundings. Life is beautiful!

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