Husky Has Stinky Feet But Refuses To Take A Bath

Meeka the Siberian Husky has stinky feet but doesn’t want to take a bath so she loudly argues with her owner about it.

Meeka is offended that her owner thinks her feet stink. She doesn’t think she needs to take a bath and has a lot to say to her dad about it.

Rather than take a bath, she rather just chill on the bed. But when her dad comes in and sniffs the air, he smells her foul-smelling feet. He tells her that she’s got stinky feet and needs to go take a bath.

But Meeka tries to blame the stench on her dad. She’s a cute husky, how is it even possible that her feet smell bad? She begins to tell Dad off as only a husky can.

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So, her dad kneels down to prove to her that her paws stink and sniffs her toes. Yes, Meeka, your paws do stink and you need to go take a bath right now.

You’re stinking up the bed Meeka and you need to go wash those paws right now, he keeps telling her while she loudly protests every word he says.

But, beautiful Meeka isn’t giving in. She doesn’t want to wash her paws. Even when her mom tells her she can’t sleep in their bed anymore, she continues to refuse to go take a bath and argues with her mom, too.

Meeka is not only loud, but she’s also stubborn. She doesn’t mind her smelly paws on Mom and Dad’s bed. No matter what they say and do, she’s not about to get off the bed to take a bath.

Do you have a dog that hates a bath as much as Meeka? She’s a great debater and we have to wonder if she ever did take a bath. You can check out more of her on IG at meekathehuskyy.

The adorable pup is just too funny. We hope you enjoyed her cute video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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