Happy Husky Pup Finds Perfect Spot To Chill

Everyone knows that husky love the cold, so when one tiny sled pup was looking for a place to lie down, she naturally picked the coolest spot in the house.

Little Luna was just 8 weeks old when owner Angela Rodriguez found her curled up in the fridge — a moment the YouTube user managed to catch on camera. Luna’s behavior may seem odd, but she’s hardly the only husky to discover the appliance’s frosty wonders. 


“I guess my Mishka isn’t the only husky who likes the fridge,” commented one dog owner. “It’s a husky thing!” wrote another. 

The majesty of husky dogs pulling a sled across frozen tundra is matched only by the physical adaptations these dogs have to help them not only survive, but thrive, in frigid conditions. Used for centuries by native peoples of cold climates, husky dogs aren’t bothered by snow and ice. The bodies of husky dogs are covered with two coats of hair that work together to provide a double layer of warmth. 

During the colder winter months, this under layer works as an insulator against the dog’s skin to keep his body warm and his core body temperature consistent. The undercoat is covered by an outer layer of hair called the guard hair coat. It is an overcoat that prevents ice and snow from building up in the dog’s hair.


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