Boy Adopts An Abandoned ‘Puppy’ Then Discovers He’s Actually A Baby Wolf

A worker who was standing outside the building when they arrived saw Neo and instantly knew that he was no dog. His long, lanky body was one clue, but what struck her most was the way he nervously avoided human interaction.

She asked the perplexed-looking owners if they knew that wasn’t a dog on their leash, and they admitted that they’d had their suspicions. The Humane Society looked into Arizona’s wolf dog ownership laws and found that in order to legally own one, you needed to have a special permit that was difficult to obtain.

They decided to get in touch with Wolf Connection, a California wolf dog rescue and sanctuary, to see if they could take Neo. Luckily there was space, so all the Humane Society had to do was get in touch with Neo’s original owner…

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david alan bott
1 year ago

A lovely surprise and a special bond.

Robert Harpster
Robert Harpster
1 year ago

We would have taken hi in a minute. You have to know what he is to be able to deal with him. He is a beautiful wolf. Does not appear to be nasty, but shy. Under the right training conditions and training, he would make a wonderful pet. It’s a shame they throw him away.

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