Baby Wild Boar Thinks Labrador Retriever Is Her Dad

As soon as baby wild boar Yezhu saw Biu Biu the dog she flung herself right into his mouth and kept doing it. Thankfully, Biu Biu is a patient and gentle dog. Dora says the tiny boar piglet had been found by her gardener, who brought the orphaned animal to her.

With no wildlife rescues in Sri Lanka, Dora called a vet for advice and began to take care of Yezhu. She soon learned that Biu Biu would be a bigger help with Yezhu than she ever could have imagined.

As Yezhu grew up, Biu Biu would show Yezhu how to be a dog and one of the pack. The two take turns using each other as a pillow when they take naps together.

The Dodo

Having grown from 2 pounds to 62 pounds, Yezhu now has her own boar condo outside. And Biu Biu and Yezhu are still inseparable.

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