Bald Eagle Rescued From Certain Death

Bald Eagle Rescued After Being Hit By Car

 During the winter food can become scarce for lots of wildlife. For birds of prey, many will revert to eating roadkill along roads and highways during this time. In Oregon this week, a male bald eagle was reportedly feeding on such a meal near highway I-84 when he was hit by a car.

A rescue team quickly responded and shut down at least two lanes of westbound traffic on the highway in order to save the protected eagle. Other people in passing cars began to comment on Twitter about the injured bird.

According to Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Don Hamilton, Multnomah County Animal Control transported the bald eagle to the Audubon Society of Portland for evaluation after being rescued. The I-84 traffic was disrupted for no more than 20 minutes.

According to a tweet from the local TV station KATU News on an update concerning the injured bird’s condition, “He has a broken leg and injuries to both feet after being hit by car. He’s been stabilized and X-rayed.”

Thanks to all those who went out of their way that day to save the life of a majestic bird that is the symbol of freedom to Americans. Without their help it would have been a tragic outcome for the injured eagle.


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