A 55-Pound Dog was Rescued by a Woman and Carried It Over Her Shoulder for Six Hours

One day, Tia Vargas decided to hike a mountain, and little did she know she will brought home a new family member.

On her way back down, she encountered a group of hikers standing next to an injured Springer Spaniel. The hikers were worried but didn’t know who the owner is and what to do.

The dog’s name is “Boomer” which is written on his collar. They assumed that the injured pup belongs to the family that is along the trail missing a dog.

Since the group of hikers is going up, Tia volunteered to bring the dog down. The poor dog was badly injured, dehydrated, and dislocated one paw.

Realizing the dog couldn’t walk on his own, Tia lifted him on her shoulder and began walking down the trail.

Tia for sure knows that if Boomer is not too down in time, he will die. Despite the challenging hike and now even more difficult because of carrying a 55-pound pup, Tia knew she needed strength to help the pup.

The woman met with her father who decided to stay below, then continue hiking down. Tia’s strength was tested when they lost their way twice going down.

It doesn’t stop there, rain starts to pour, though tired and energy drained, Tia prayed and gather her strength once again. Eventually, after six hours, they finally reached the bottom of the trail.

Tia contacted Boomer’s family and knew that Boomer got lost and trapped in a deep crevice. The family looked for the dog for many hours and became devastated. Now that they found Boomer, they are more than grateful to Tia.

In an unexpected turn of events, the family was about to move out and need to rehome Boomer. Then after everything Tia has done for the dog, they offered if she could adopt Boomer.

Tia without hesitation agreed and feels like destiny allow them to cross paths. Now, Tia is the new mom of Boomer and Boomer couldn’t more proud of his brave and loving mom.

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