Remembering Werner Freund, The Man Who Lived With A Wolf Pack

Freund, a former German paratrooper, established a wolf sanctuary in 1972 and raised more than 70 animals over the last 40 years.

Werner had to behave as the wolf alpha male of the pack to earn the other wolves respect and to be accepted. At feeding time, he had to ensure he fed first and would not allow any of the hungry wolves to come near.

The EU regularly asked for his advice on wolf management in those countries where they are making a comeback.

Werner said he was battling the myth of the “dangerous wolf.”

The sanctuary was home to six packs from European, Siberian, Canadian, Artic and Mongolian regions.

He was born in Germany in 1933. He said he got his love of animals from his mother. He once said: “Wild wolves are rarely aggressive towards people. If there are attacks, they get big play in the press precisely because they are so rare.”

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