Watch: How Did a Young Elephant Drive Off 14 Lions?

What strikes your mind first when you imagine 14 lions attacking a young elephant?

Brutality and blood, right? Well, it happened the exactly opposite. In a video uploaded by New York Post on YouTube, a young elephant defends himself successfully when hounded by a group of 14 lions! Not only does the elephant defends itself, but also give the lions a run for their life.

The video shows how an elephant that is near a stream to quench its thirst is surrounded by not one, or two, not even five, but a total of 14 lions! Little did the elephant know that his thirst-quenching episode will be a life-threatening one; for the lions of course! *wink*

This 3-minute video will surprise you, as one would simply not think to about an elephant freeing itself from the claws of one lion, leave aside the group of 14 lions! The young elephant in the video bravely fends off the hound even after a couple of lions mount on his back, piercing their canines on his back. The elephant is seen taking the stream to its advantage, and drove the lions back that tried to come near him by lofting his trunk in their direction.

It is well known that Elephants are the one of the most peace living creatures on our planet. As long as they are not intimidated, elephants remain to be one of the most silent species. The video will remind you an unfortunate incident in India that happened couple of months back. Well, there a lion succeeded, but here it was Elephant who won the battle of odds, hands down!

Watch the video of a shocking battle between  a young elephant and 14 lions below:

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