Rescued Bald Eagle’s Amazing Reunion With Her Life Long Mate

A bald eagle nicknamed Birdzilla is now spending her days floating across tree tops, but little more than a month ago she was so sick she could hardly lift her head or wings.

The 6.4-kilogram bird is the largest eagle to have ever visited the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Brookfield, N.S. She was brought in Dec. 28 after provincial conservation officers were alerted to a sick eagle in Pictou County.

“We had seven eagles at our place when we had her … but she made the other ones look like mini-birds,” said Helene Van Doninck, veterinarian and director of the wildlife centre.

The raptor arrived showing symptoms of lead poisoning. She was weak, unable to walk, stand or fly.

After nearly a month at the centre, Van Doninck and her team released Birdzilla back into the wild Saturday.

“She got strong, gradually, and we knew with her being such a big, robust female this time of year … this time of year is important for them, defending their territory, nest building, getting ready for the upcoming mating season — so we made the call,” said Van Doninck.

“The weather was good, she was flying like a fighter jet in our enclosure so we decided that Saturday was a good day to let her go.”

And somewhere out there, her partner was waiting.

Source: CBC

Photos: Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre 

Birdzilla and her mate are still seen today circling those skies. Love is Greater Than All

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