Emaciated Puppy Befriends Fellow Rescue Dog Who Was Just Like Him

A tiny, starving dog who was brought to Kentucky Humane Society recently met another dog who survived a similar experience and the two have became fast friends. An Uber driver had spotted the severely emaciated dog, now named Travolta, lying on the side of the road and helped him.

Travolta was covered in filth and so thin that he was in danger of death by starvation. Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) revealed that the tiny dog was half of what he should weigh.

“He weighs a mere 14 pounds and should weigh at least 30 pounds,” KHS writes on Facebook. “In addition to this, he has infected pressure sores all over his body with the most severe sores being located on his right side. His scrotum is also badly infected and he had maggots crawling all over his body.”

At only around a year old, Travola’s veterinarian thinks he had been left in this starved condition for weeks, even months. The poor pup was so weak he couldn’t stand up.

Kentucky Humane Society

However, within a few days Travolta had gained four pounds and could stand up on his own!


Looking over the condition Travolta was in, KHS couldn’t help but be reminded of another dog they rescued a year earlier. “It has been less than one year since our beloved Ethan was dumped in our parking lot in similar condition and our hearts are broken to see another animal endure the same level of agony that Ethan once did,” they write.

At that time, Ethan was the “thinnest dog we have ever seen that was still breathing.” The large Pit bull had weighed a mere 38 pounds and shelter staff seriously didn’t know if he would make it.

But Ethan miraculously pulled through. He has since been adopted into a wonderful family and has become an inspiration for rescue dogs everywhere…including Travolta.

Ethan recently visited Travolta to cheer him up and the two dogs instantly bonded. Well, the two were a bit shy with each other at first, but soon Travolta was glued to Ethan’s side.


“Look who had a visitor! Our baby Ethan stopped by our veterinary ward to give Travolta some love and support during his recovery,” KHS writes. “Travolta is doing well today. Because of how badly he was starved, we are monitoring his progress heavily and taking his recovery very slow.”

“He has been able to walk for short periods of time but he tires easily and needs frequent naps and rest,” they continue to write of Travolta’s progress. “We are continuing to give him small meals throughout the day to help him gain weight and working with him to rebuild the muscle he lost while starving. Please continue to cheer this sweet guy on!”

Kentucky Humane Society

They also share that even though Travolta tires very quickly, he did manage to go out for a short walk with Ethan.

Kentucky Humane Society

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