Real life “Fox and the Hound” friends, Rosie the fox and Maddy the terrier.

The unlikely pair were introduced after Rosie the fox was hand-reared by Maddy’s owner, Richard. As soon as they are together it’s just fun and games and destruction. Rosie has also proven that she is a quick learner, thanks to following Maddy.

Richard has said: “I feel it’s important Rosie has a good bond with Maddy as when it comes to training, Maddy shows Rosie what is required. I’ve been amazed at how clever she is, certainly quicker to pick up things than Maddy ever was. Her recall and sitting is 100 per cent and we’re almost there with toilet training.

“When Rosie gets bigger we hope she and Maddy will sleep together. At the moment, though, as soon as they are together it’s just fun and games and destruction.”

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