Orphan baby gorilla snuggles up to caretaker after being rescued

Orp.han gorilla bonds with caretaker and warms hearts 💞🥰

The beauty of unconditional love 💞💞🦋

Even though he’s at a very young age, Bobga has been through a lot so far. He was just a few weeks old when he [l.o.st] his family due to [poa.ching] and his chances to sur.vive were very (sli.m). S.c.a.red and confu.sed, the tiny gorilla [en.ded up] in a small cage, likely to be so.ld as a pet on the bl.ack ma.rket.
But fortunately, he was rescued just in time and taken to the Limbe Wildlife Centre – a wildlife sanctuary in Cameroon.

Although Bobga never trusted humans before – and it’s easy to understand why – it was a human being in whom he found all the comfort he was seeking for. Soon as the orphan gorilla met Alvin Muma – volunteer at the Limbe center – he realized humans can be kind, too.

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