Orphan baby gorilla snuggles up to caretaker after being rescued

Orp.han gorilla bonds with caretaker and warms hearts 💞🥰

The beauty of unconditional love 💞💞🦋

Even though he’s at a very young age, Bobga has been through a lot so far. He was just a few weeks old when he [l.o.st] his family due to [poa.ching] and his chances to sur.vive were very (sli.m). S.c.a.red and confu.sed, the tiny gorilla [en.ded up] in a small cage, likely to be so.ld as a pet on the bl.ack ma.rket.
But fortunately, he was rescued just in time and taken to the Limbe Wildlife Centre – a wildlife sanctuary in Cameroon.

Although Bobga never trusted humans before – and it’s easy to understand why – it was a human being in whom he found all the comfort he was seeking for. Soon as the orphan gorilla met Alvin Muma – volunteer at the Limbe center – he realized humans can be kind, too.

It didn’t ta.ke too long until Alvin and Bobga became inseparable. The ‘un.fortunate’ baby gorilla finally found a place to feel safe.

Po.or little darling, like all babies they just want love.

Foraging, playing, learning social skills, stimulating curiosity, climbing and grooming all are crucial elements of his rehabilitation.
It’s important to give different types of enrichment to animals.

The bond these two share, in a series of heartwarming photos. Bobga can be seen cuddling up to his friend, or sleeping into his arms. It takes moment like these to better understand how devoted these people are when comes to help animals in ne.ed.

What an amazing job…! Thankyou Alvin for looking after him and putting trust back in to humans. ♥️🥰

Just gorgeous, isn’t that so sweet. So loving and so carrying.💞💞💞
Extremely wonderful and showing again how loving animals are 🥰
Much more carrying then a lot of Humans are in this world 🌎😭

God bless the care taker for given care an love. ♥️🙏
Bless this little baby thank you to his caretaker for helping him. 🙏❤️
God Bless them all!!!!!🙏🙏🙏

See how Bobga reacts to and plays with a football in video bellow…! We’re not sure he’ll make the national squad but he seemed to enjoy it!

H/t: Limbe Wildlife Center

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Please don’t forget to SHARE this article with your friends and family…!

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