Dying woman says final goodbye to her parrot: The bird’s instant reaction leaves me in tears

Losing our closest friend is never easy. It doesn’t matter whether we are “prepared” for it or not.

Did you know, for example, that parrots are some of the most emotional and intelligent creatures on the planet? When they lose someone they love, they feel a deep sense of sadness.

The grief that is experienced is also not limited to humans. Animals also have the ability to feel sadness.

Parrot Sinbad recently had to go through this with his owner, who he shared his life with for 25 years.


Just like with many animals, Sinbad shared a very strong bond with his owner.

Normally, Sinbad is a very pleasant and upbeat bird, but as his beloved lay on her deathbed, he appeared to understand that the situation was serious and he was rather quiet.

This was understood as a sign of the tremendous empathy birds tend to feel for their owners.

Parrots can experience depression when they lose a loved one in about the same way that a human would. There are even anti-depressants for birds.

The moment you will soon witness was captured by a dying woman’s daughter. She is getting ready to say goodbye to the world and Sinbad is brought in for a final meeting.


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