Incredible Photos Of Animals Riding On The Back Of Other Animals

The most comprehensive collection of animals riding other animals on the whole wide internet.

Animals have been riding one another since the dawn of time. These photos showcase this most ancient mode of transportation in inter-species riding.

Woodpecker-riding weasel: Well, here’s one for the books: a weasel riding a woodpecker. Amateur photographer Martin Le-May was walking through an East London park with his wife, hoping to show his wife a green woodpecker for the first time, when he snapped this rare photo.

As much as we’d love to say this weasel is embarking on an epic journey atop his very own luck dragon, what Le-May actually witnessed was a failed attempt at lunch. Small and adorable as they may be, weasels are voracious hunters and have been known to chomp down on a wide variety of prey items including moles, squirrels, hares, snakes and birds.

Crow gets a lift from an owl on its way to top wildlife photography prize

Getting ready for the ride

 -This crow is pretty brazen to ride eagle

-A baby monkey named Miwa rides a young boar

-Dog The Explorer’s Passage Of The Vast Greenlands Upon Sheep, Undertaken In The Middle Ages

– All very Lord of the Rings: Moment Western King Bird grabs a lift on the back of a hawk

-Amazing shot – Its almost like the bird is hitching a ride on the owl.

-Owl hitches a ride on dog’s back

“Do your best intimidating look.”

Dashing through the woods, on a one snail open sleigh!

“Enough with the relaxation, let’s get a move on.”


Sea Eagle and a crow



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