How To Decide If You Should Adopt A Dog From The Shelter

How To Decide If You Should Adopt A Dog From The Shelter

There are a lot of dogs currently living in animal shelters across the country. They are desperately looking for a new start in life, especially if they are abandoned by their original owners. With so many dogs available for adoption, you may be wondering if you should adopt one.

Consider the pros and cons below before adopting a dog.

Pros of adopting a shelter dog

1. The original owner may have gotten rid of the dog because they couldn’t afford it or because they ended up being allergic to it. There are also some owners who let their animals roam unattended, leaving them to fend for themselves. If you decide to adopt one, you will give your dog a new lease on an amazing life.

2. Most of the dogs in shelters are mixed breeds. Mixed breeds are just as likely to live as long and healthy lives as any of the purebreds.

3. An adoption screening process usually takes place. Instead of leaving the shelter with any random dog, you can meet with the adoption counselor at the shelter and discuss the type of dog you are looking to adopt. Depending on your preference, you can pair up with a dog that might be perfect for you.

4. Instead of having to pay for spaying or neutering, she is usually dealt with at the shelter beforehand. Most dogs will also be up to date with their snaps, too.

While these are some of the many good reasons you should consider adopting a dog from a shelter, there are some negatives that you should consider as well.  

Cons of adopting a shelter dog, See Next Page

Cons of adopting a shelter dog

1. The history of the dog is a complete mystery. The staff at the shelter can only tell you what they know, which may not be much if the dog is found on the street. You may never know what your dog has been through in the past. Your dog may behave badly in some situations that remind him or her of something negative that he has been through.

2. Shelters are full of mixed dogs, but purebreds are rare. If you want your dog to be purebred, you probably won’t find one at the shelter. Alternatively, you may want to check out an organization that specifically rescues purebred dogs and try to move them into loving homes.

3. Dogs from shelters usually go through different things, which sometimes make them behave poorly. If you have never owned a pet, you may not be able to handle bad behavior as easily as someone with more experience.

If you are intent on adopting a shelter dog, it is a good idea to pay a visit to spend some time with the different dogs at the shelter before making your decision. You may end up bonding with a particular dog, which will eventually be the one you decide to take home with you. When you decide to take this dog home, you can continue to work on the basic training and commands because the dog may have some behavioral issues. As long as you show love and care and reinforce the rules, everything should be fine.

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