Forgotten About Dog Lived Under A Bed For 2 Yrs, Had To Be Sedated To Groom Him

Lionheart had a very rough life and was barely recognizable as a dog.

When the little pooch was surrendered to Richmond SPCA, the seven-year-old was a hot mess of matts and obvious neglect.

He spent the majority of the last two years hiding under a bed.

Source: Richmond SPCA/YouTube

Thanks to the kind staff at the SPCA, they got to work right away to give Lionheart the life he deserved. Years of deprivation and attention built up all over the poor pup’s body.

He was in so much pain, he could hardly walk, and the filth all over his coat was heartbreaking.

In order to examine the dog and get him out of pain, he was sedated. For three hours, the shelter staff helped removed pounds of fur and matting, clipping his nails, and having a veterinarian assess him.

Source: Richmond SPCA/YouTube

Because of severe periodontal disease, his teeth were cleaned. He was neutered, treated for internal parasites, and treated for sores all over his skin.

The before and after photos are completely astounding. Thanks to being out of pain and getting medical care, the tiny pup’s personality emerged.

Lionheart is filled with love, energy, and joy despite the life of neglect he endured for years.

Source: Richmond SPCA/YouTube

This furry prince found a happy, loving home where he will never suffer again. We are thankful for everyone who helped this dog to his life and home.

Source: Richmond SPCA/YouTube

Watch the before and after transformation in the video below.

Feature bed image: David L/Flickr

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