Elk stuck in a tire and rope roams into veterinarian’s yard and asks for help.

An elk with a tire and rope wrapped around its antlers wondered into the right place in its time in need.

The beast stumbled its way into a veterinarian’s yard in Arizona who after a 12 hour ordeal managed to free the tire from the distressed animal’s clutches. 


Debera Butler, who is more used to working with small animals, had to do a double take of the elk as it suddenly appeared in her home on Saturday morning. ‘It started before 8am,’ Butler told AZ Family. 

‘I was on my back patio and I took a double take. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.’ 

If the tire wasn’t causing enough annoyance to the elk a branch of a tree, attached to the rope of the swing, was hitting it in the face every time the animal moved. 

‘It was breaking my heart,’ she said. ‘The tire was on one side and this huge log was on the other side and this log was going back and forth smacking him in the face.’ 

The vet was prompted into action and after a long tree cutter scared the elk she resorted to using a pruning tool and corn to lure the woodland creature towards her. 

The moment the animal was freed was captured on camera and the vet’s delight in helping the animal was palpable in the footage. 


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