Woman Glues New Artificial Wing For Her Butterfly So It Could Fly For The Very First Time

Losing someone close to you and dearly beloved is always an event that leaves a deep, indelible mark. Just how are you to cope and go through life without their presence?

How are you to honor their memory and ensure that their best self will change the world for the better, so that they will never be forgotten by those who are left behind?

Romy McCloskey suffered a great loss many years ago – she lost her beloved mother to cancer.

Families of cancer patients will know that trying to overcome the disease is a war that you sometimes just cannot win, and for McCloskey, this one was no exception.

Just before her mother passed away, however, McCloskey was told something she would treasure for the rest of her life – should she ever see butterflies hanging around, that is actually the spirit of her mother checking in on her and letting her know that she is doing alright in the afterlife.

Romy McCloskey / Facebook

McCloskey not only took these words to heart, after finding a few caterpillars in her yard, she decided she was going to do her best to seriously care for these butterflies in her mother’s memory.

Romy McCloskey / Facebook

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