Wildlife Team Rescues Female Wolf With Its Foot Stuck In A Fence

Her subsequent medical examination showed no other problems, so the animal will be able to return to her original territory after recovering for approximately one month.

Volunteers from Greece’s animal welfare organization ”ARCTUROS” launched an operation recently to save a trapped female wolf from a house’s iron fence in a village near Thessaloniki.

The unfortunate, petrified animal had most likely been chased by dogs and became trapped in its attempt to jump over the fence.

The incident took place in the village of Kastania in the county of Thessaloniki.

The Arcturos Emergency Response Team rushed to the scene and, along with the assistance of the Veterinary School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, began the operation to sedate and then rescue the animal.

The rescuers named the wolf Elizabeth, which proved to be particularly fortunate in all of her misfortune.

Her wound did not affect any of the vital organs of her body, something that would in all likelihood have caused her death.

After being sedated, the volunteers of ARCTUROS carefully removed the wolf from the fence and the veterinarian was then able to treat her wounds.

Photo Credit ARCTUROS

Elizabeth was later transferred to the ARCTUROS Veterinary Clinic in Aetos, Florina where her wounds were stitched up.


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