8 Weird And Funny Facts About Cats

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Cats are a mystery that has captivated people’s hearts for thousands of years. Their enigmatic behaviors and charming appearances have made them a very popular pet.

With so many cats around, surely everyone knows everything there is to know about them, right? Wrong!

There are a lot of funny and weird facts about cats that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Cats are unable to descend a tree headfirst after climbing it, causing them to become stuck frequently

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Cats’ claws are curled and retractable, and their back legs are stronger. These qualities make climbing up easier than climbing down.

They are quick climbers while climbing up a tree, but not so much when climbing down. They, unlike squirrels, cannot fall from a tree headfirst. Source

2. Cats are shortsighted, but have better night vision and peripheral vision than humans

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The retina is the fundamental distinction between a cat’s and a human’s vision.

Photoreceptor cells are found in this layer of tissue positioned near the back of the eye. Cats have more rods in their eyes, which let them see better in the dark.

Shades of gray and brightness are detected by these rods. A higher rod concentration leads to improved vision. Source

3. Is it possible for multiple fathers to exist in the same litter of kittens? It’s possible that they’ll all look different

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A cat in heat lays several eggs during the course of her cycle, which might last several days.

It’s likely that if a female cat in heat chooses more than one male partner to mate with, she’ll have kittens from all of them. Source:12.

4. The world’s richest cat has a wealth of? 7 million

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According to Guinness World Records, Blackie is the world’s wealthiest cat. When his rich owner died, he declined to mention his family in his will and instead left Blackie a seven-million-pound fortune! That fascinating cat information astounds us! Source

5. 70% of a cat’s life is spent sleeping

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You’d be correct if you assumed cats spend the most of their lives resting.

Cats spend 70% of their life napping, which equates to roughly 13-16 hours every day, according to Veterinary Hub. It’s the life of a cat! Source

6. Black cats have no problems being adopted

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According to data provided by the ASPCA, it is a fallacy that black animals are adopted at lesser rates than pets of other hues.

The study found that black cats accounted for 31% of cat adoptions, compared to 20% gray cats and 18% brown cats, in an assessment of 14 locations across the United States and roughly 300,000 dogs and cats available for adoption.

It’s possible that the surplus of black cats in shelters is simply an issue of numbers: Because the genes that create black colouring are dominant, it’s only natural that there will be more black cats overall. Source

7. Two are possibly better than one

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Adopting a pair of cats is likely to be less labor than adopting a single cat. Because bonded dogs can entertain each other, they require less attention from you and are less likely to vent their boredom or anxiety on your home.

It’s not much different than dealing with a single cat because they’ll be feeding at the same time and possibly using the same litter box.

Adopters who bring home a pair of cats typically receive discounts from shelters, so it’s far less expensive (not to mention less stressful) than going back and obtaining another cat a year later once you discover you can never have enough cats. Source:12.

8. Cats are unable to taste sweetness. Your cat prefers wet, meaty food to dry kibble for this reason

Credits: Canva

Scientists believe this is due to a genetic abnormality that affects the key taste receptors.

Cats, unlike most mammals, have taste receptors that are primarily interested in meat. Source

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