These devoted caretakers spend their nights sleeping with orphaned baby elephants

Unfortunately, every year there are fewer and fewer of these beautiful large animals left in the world.

However, there are those who are doing everything in their power to change that.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a community of people willing to do anything to help elephants. In this community in Kenya, the fight to save elephants has been going on for hundreds of years.

In addition to treating more than 8,000 elephants, they have cared for over 250 of them since their first days in this world.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

What people from this community are willing to do will be clear to you when you understand that they have a habit of sleeping next to small elephants, just to feel safe and happy.

Whatever people think of these magnificent large animals, the fact is that they too are looking for love and attention.

It is very difficult for baby elephants without a mother, so they need someone in their life who will be by their side.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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