Stray Dog Found Curled Up In Snow Keeping Orphaned Kittens Warm

Only the sight of a cold stray dog was strong enough to make a woman halt her car over the weekend in Ontario, Canada. It was a cold shivering night in the city and the dog lied helpless on the snowy roadside.

The dog wasn’t thinking straight at all because there are nice or safe places around where she could pass the night.

Stray Dog Found Curled Up In Snow Keeping Orphaned Kittens Warm

She wasn’t alone in the cold. She had five orphaned kittens to cuddle and keep warm. But the woman proved to be their savior. She took them all to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter. But, even before they left the cold, the dog and the kittens had formed an incredible or amazing bond!

Rescue staff who heard this case concluded that the kind pup helped the kittens stay alive and this situation, according to a shelter spokesperson, is amazing and heartwarming. While speaking to The Dodo, the spokesperson confessed that the kittens wouldn’t have survived the cold night without the help of the pup.Dog Found Curled Up In Snow Keeping Orphaned Kittens Warm


True, the kittens are fine now but they need to be treated for worm infestations and flea. And, funny enough, like a proud mother, the kind stray dog who once saved them, wants to visit them from time to time to monitor their progress.

Nobody knows where the dog and the kittens came from or whether they had an encounter before the night. Pet and Wildlife would love their owners to come to pick them up but they will be open for adoption if their owners refuse to show up.


The kind brave pup should be thanked. She brought happiness to the sad kittens through her actions.

While many difficult situations are seen every day, the shelter confessed that stories like this could melt everyone’s heart with love.

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