Photographer Mom Captures Daughter’s Love For Animals (12 Photos)

Over 12 years the American photographer Robin Schwartz has depicted her daughter, Amelia, apparently at ease with a series of often wild animals

‘I was once complaining because I had zebra hair all over me,’ 15-year-old Amelia Forman says. ‘My friends looked at me and said, “Wow, you have such great problems to complain about.” ’ 

Being photographed with exotic animals is all in a day’s work for Amelia, who since the age of three has been posing feeding a tiger cub or being lifted up on the trunk of an elephant for photographs taken by her mother, Robin Schwartz.

Amelia and the Animals is the resulting project, spanning more than a decade of Amelia’s life, and featuring photographs of Amelia interacting with animals normally seen only in zoos or on television.

The first image in the book is of a three-year-old Amelia with Ricky, a young chimpanzee. ‘It’s weird how memory works,’ Amelia tells me from her home in New Jersey when we speak over Skype (she has just got back from an Eminem concert and is wearing a concert T-shirt).

‘I remember my mum talking to Ricky’s owner beforehand but I don’t remember the actual shoot. It’s something that’s happened all my life, so it’s hard to pinpoint the first memory of it.’ 

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