Paralyzed Arctic Wolf Gained Mobility With The Help Of A Wheel Chair

Paralyzed Wolf Piddle Paddle

Piddle Paddle, a young white wolf, was once named Mariah because she ran like the wind. Suddenly at age 2, in the blink of an eye, she was a paraplegic. Experts were baffled. They could offer no hope. The vet compassionately suggested we end her life – at best she could only drag herself around; they would have to diaper her (hence Piddle Paddle); give her intensive nursing care for life; there would be other problems.

She was so young; had such a zest for life, they couldn’t bear her vibrant young life being unlived, and took her home. She went into a deep depression, lying unmoving on their bed, eyes dull. Paralysis is a horrible death sentence to a wild animal. Paralysis means no hope.

For nine days she lay, getting thinner and thinner, a white wraith fading away into nothingness. They begged her not to give up. We tried everything traditional and alternative medical could offer. They promised if she lived we would never give up until she could run again. We promised to make a special place where she could run free like the wind. They pictured it in our mind over and over, trying to get the message across to her – if you live you will run in green pastures, like the wind.

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On the tenth day she began to take an interest in food and other things of wolfly interest. Two weeks later we thought they saw a tiny twitch in one of her hind legs. For two years she struggled against all odds with astounding will and determination. And now, though not exactly with grace anymore, she can run like the wind, with such a zest for life, in a special place we built for her …

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