Meet Megan and Morgan: The ‘TrueBlue Twins’

The “Trueblue Twins” Megan and Morgan first came to the attention of the public through a photo that Deyonte Hunter, a popular tattoo artist and musician from Camden, shared on Instagram a few years ago.

If you’re wondering what makes these two twins, who are aspiring kid models, so exceptional, all you have to do is glance at them, and you’ll see why people call them the cutest twins ever. M&M is well-known on the internet because she is African-American and has entrancingly vivid blue eyes.

Megan and Morgan

The heterochromia disorder is the cause of the distinct eye colour. The good news is that it has no impact on Morgan whatsoever; all it does is make her unique. Following an examination, doctors declared that she has excellent vision. The children’ grandpa, mom, and uncle, who also has Morgan’s disease, all contributed to their brilliant blue eyes.

Their mother, who puts them in identical outfits, said she knew her daughters would be unique from the minute she brought them into the world on June 6, 2011. She constantly makes sure kids are dressed to the nines and shares pictures of them online. They look like the children of A-list celebrities today and have contracts with various brands, but their mothers handle everything instead of personal stylists.

The family is taking things gently, so for the time being, the girls only receive free clothing from well-known companies and aren’t compensated because their mother doesn’t want to pressure them into anything they might not want to do. However, if they do decide to pursue careers as models, they will be incredibly successful because everyone adores them and is mesmerised by their beauty.

Lovell Knight, the father of the Trueblue Twins, said he occasionally feels intimidated by the attention his daughters are receiving and isn’t overly enamoured with their “celebrity” status. Since he thinks the kids should have a typical childhood, he is conscious that their fame could have an impact on their lives.

Despite being equally popular, Megan and Morgan are quite different people on the inside, which truly makes them one of a kind.

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