Grooming dogs in the summer – why not a very good idea

Grooming dogs in the summer seems like a logical thing to do, because we don’t want our pets to be hot. But that’s not really a good idea at all. Fur should be maintained, but the dog should never be cut to bare skin (especially alone at home), because the dog’s hair is also protection from the sun and high temperatures.

Grooming dogs in the summer – breaking myths
Most dogs have several layers of fur. The lower fur serves to preserve heat, and the upper fur to regulate moisture (this is the part that gets wet and dries quickly).

Fur for dogs serves to protect the skin from external influences, protect them from various parasites and parasites, regulate their body heat (very important for this topic) and help the dog in a dangerous situation (the dog then all bristles).

The dog loses hair due to external influences, and they also release it when regulating the internal heat with the external one (that is why they shed when the seasons change).

If the dog loses hair evenly and no bald parts form, then everything is fine and this is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Dogs arrange their hair by licking it, but they put it in their stomach. If we don’t help him with editing, he will eat a lot of that hair. In addition, we arrange the dog’s hair to form knots and loops because it is uncomfortable for each dog.

Not all dogs get the same haircut, especially on the “zero”. Many species have default haircut patterns that are recommended for the species itself. Every good groomer will know that.
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