Flax seed gel for hair health and growth with pictures

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Why should you use flax seeds for your hair? Besides containing fatty acids and omega-3, flax seeds, when used for hair, make it soft and shiny. It gives soft, wavy hair. Flax seeds also enhance the health and growth of hair, which is another addition

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the components :

A quarter cup of flax seeds, brown
2 cups of water

Tools :

Medium frying pan
Standard cup
Jar for storage
Steps with pictures

1- Place 2 cups of water in the medium pan, and leave until it boils

2- When the water boils, add the flax seeds.

3-Then reduce the heat, and leave the flax seeds for 7-9 minutes until they are cooked

4-The most important step is to observe the flax seeds as they ripen and see the gel falling from the stirring spoon

5-After 5 minutes, the gel increases, and stirring continues.

6-After 9 minutes, here is the gel. Do not leave the flax seeds on for more than that time, so that the gel does not harden too much and be difficult to use.

7- Filter the flax seeds from the gel into a measuring cup like the picture

8- Transfer the gel to the jar for storage.

9- Store the gel in the refrigerator or freezer 

Now the gel is ready for use, but there is an important note about its use in hair styling.

1- Take a small part of the jar
2- Rub this part between the palms of your hands, or on your fingers.
3- Then it is applied to all hair or to the ends, as needed.

Flax seed gel lasts for two weeks, but the best way is to smell the gel, to see if its smell has changed or not. It can be difficult when adding essential oils to the gel, so it is best to record the date the gel was made. If you do not add any essential oil to the gel, it is best to smell the gel. If its smell changes, it is not suitable for use.

Adding other things to flax seed gel:

There are other recipes in which many essential oils or aloe vera gel are added. The previous recipes did not contain any essential oils. Any aromatic oils can be added, as desired.

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