Eagle Pack Attacks Car at Alaskan Safeway (Video)

Police called to break up party of hungry EAGLES at Alaskan Safeway supermarket

eagle pack

Feathers were flying in the parking lot of an Alaskan supermarket last week when police were called in to deal with a large flock of unruly bald eagles.

The majestic birds of prey – America’s national symbol – made quite the scene outside the Unalaska Safeway store last Thursday when about three dozen of them descended on a pickup truck laden with fish.

Jamie Sunderland, director of public safety for the supermarket, said that several concerned citizens called in Thursday afternoon to report the unusual incident.

According to Sunderland, the feathered troublemakers converged on the ill-fated truck looking to feast on bags of fish fillets stored in the bed of the vehicle, the local station KUCB reported.

The public safety official said the owner of the truck confirmed that he and his passenger were trying to get rid of the seafood, but were too afraid to approach the vehicle because it was being assailed by about 40 ravenous eagles.

Shopper Jessica Earnshaw told the station that her car was parked next to the truck, and she was afraid of getting attacked by the chomping birds if she got too close.

‘I put my car alarm on so maybe that would let the eagles go away, but they still didn’t,’ Earnshaw said.

Police Officer Bill Simms, who responded to the bizarre call, turned on his sirens as he approached the parking lot swarming with eagles, which scared off some of them.

He then jumped into action, instructing the drivers of two of the vehicles targeted by the unwelcome feathered guests to get their keys ready and prepare to take off as soon as he shoos the eagles away.

The plan worked without a hitch, and the unlucky owner of the pickup truck managed to slip the flock of predators, who quickly lost interest in the parking lot after losing their movable feast of fish fillets.

No one was hurt in the incident, and Sunderland said the truck owner was not cited because no waste was left behind in the parking lot after the impromptu dinner party he had inadvertently throw for the bald eagles.

VIDEO Flash Mob of 40 Bald Eagles Gather for Free Lunch

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