Dog Chained Up For 8 Years Experiences His First Caring Touch

A dog who spent his entire life on a chain at a farm in Spain was finally freed after rescuers with Animal Rescue España found and saved him.

 Bron’s body was riddled in pain from 8 years of neglect and abuse. “After many years as a guard dog and tied with a chain of punishment whose spikes had embedded in his neck, he was to be [euthanized],” his rescuers wrote. “So we decided to save him and since then he’s in treatment for his fears.”

The rescue group said “His heart has many hard scars to erase.”

They treated him with a lot of care and patience and their efforts paid off as captured in this touching video of Bron finally letting himself be petted shortly after his rescue.

After one month with the rescue, Bron made incredible progress, with the group writing, “He’s getting better and already trust his caregivers at Animal Rescue España, he’s a very loving dog.”

He has been with the rescue for a year now and has made tremendous progress. They are looking for a family who will show him love, kindness and understanding as he continues to heal.

Bron is available for adoption in Madrid, Spain, but can be adopted anywhere throughout the country. Visit Animal Rescue España’s website for more information on Bron and their rescue efforts.


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