Beautiful Daughter’s Hand Drum Song Rocks Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

This young lady started singing and the entire audience at Gathering of Nations fell silent to hear her song!

The Gathering of Nations has become North America’s Biggest Powwow and attracts tens of thousands of people from all over the world. People come to learn, support and promote what has become an American Indian tradition. Each year, Gathering of Nations continues to grow and gain more popularity. 

There are 32 Dance categories, and different age group categories including Elders (70+), Golden Age (55+), Teens and Tiny Tots. Other competitions include Northern Singers, Southern Singers, Women’s Back-up Singing, and a competition for Drum Groups and Drummers and other various special competitions. 

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A pageant for Miss Indian World is held each year. The winner is chosen based upon personality, knowledge of tribal traditions, and dancing ability. There is also an Indian Traders Market featuring artists, crafters and traders selling Native American and Indigenous arts and crafts.


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