25 Rescued Bear Cubs Munching On Apples at Wildlife Refuge

What could be cuter than a bear cub munching on an apple? Twenty-five bear cubs munching on apples all together!

 Northern Lights Wildlife Society shared the video taken Monday of the bear cubs eating donated fruit on its Facebook page. The Smithers, B.C., organization takes in bears that have been orphaned.

“All of them are orphaned, most of them due to vehicle collisions where the mother was killed, some of them due to shootings,” said Angelika Langen, the manager and co-founder of the refuge.

Langen says the bear cubs will stay at the refuge until next June when they would normally separate from their mothers.

Apples are one of the sources of food these bear cubs are fed to fatten them up before their winter hibernation, Langen said.

“There’s always some question with people asking us if that habituates them to apples or humans, but we have not found that the bears we have released have been coming back to apple trees.

They also get fish, meat and other vegetables.”

Langen says this has been a busier season than normal at the refuge and would welcome donations of food for the bears.


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