10 Awesome DIY Projects for Dog Lovers

DIY Dog Projects can be as fun to take on as they are to give to your furry friend.

Here are loads of great DIY projects and dog crafts for dog lovers we’ve compiled from all over the internet to keep your dog warm, entertained, and even neat…

…and ultimately much happier and make your life as a dog owner much easier.

If you’re looking to make your adorable pooch something special, then these DIY dog projects will give you some crafty ideas on all the things you can make from scratch.

Check them out on the next page! It’s definitely woof taking a look at these awesome projects! 😉

As a dog lover, crafts and dogs are at the top of the list when it comes to the favorite things in the world.

There are so many creative diy project ideas for dog owners out there that money just can’t buy.

Below are some of the most awesome and creative DIY projects for DIY-obsessed dog lovers. Check them out!

1. Salt Dough Puppy Paw Print Christmas Ornament: 

If you want to cherish the memory of your pup, make one of these paw print ornaments!

You can customize them with so many colors! 

puppy-paw-print-salt-dough-ornament 2

2. Daisy’s Crate Bed:

Awesome DIY doggie bed from Home Frosting.

Go to Home Frosting to check out how it’s done!


3. Old Papasan turned Canopy / Reading Nook: Have an old papason chair? Turn it into a fun canopy/reading nook for your little pooch! Check out how it’s done at RealityDaydream.com!


4. Palette Wood Baby & Pet Gate: 

LOVE this baby/pet gate! It really adds character to the house!

Go to IThinkWeCouldBeFriends.com to see how functional it is and how it only takes 3 hours to make this beauty from FREE palette wood!


5. Repurposed Crib Dog Crate: 

Here’s an awesome and clever idea repurposing a baby crib into a dog crate!

This is such a great idea. I love the DIY mentality and creativity!

Check out this beautiful and stylish dog crate creation over at MyRepurposedLife.com!


6. DIY Photo Coasters:

This is an awesome, creative DIY project that’s super cheap and super easy!

This sure makes a GREAT gift! They’re personalized so people will LOVE them!!

Check out how it’s done over at The Bloated Bride’s blog!


7. DIY Dog Collar Bow Tie:

This is PERFECT for those days where you want your pooch to look extra cute!

Find out how to make your dog a bow tie for their collar over at Good Dogs & Co.

So dapper!


8. Dog Crate Bumper Pads:

OMG! This is so cute!

Go on over to KevinAndAmanda.com to learn how to make your own cushions, bumpers and covers for your dog’s crate!

Can’t wait to try this!


9. Cool Envelope Dog Bed:

Sew a simple envelope dog bed for the snugglers!

Here’s an easy DIY that uses only three yards of fleece.

Go on over to Suzy’s Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom for the simple pattern and tutorial and learn how to easily make this cool envelope style dog bed!

diy envelope style dog bed

10. Awesome Doggie Station!!

Just a simple yet awesome idea to organize your pooch’s doggie supplies.

Head on over to OrganizationByTheOcean.com to learn how it’s done!

diy doggie station organization drawers

Cover photo source: KevinAndAmanda.com

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