To Save this Abused Dog’s Life the Rescue goes Above and Beyond

After several vet visits and surgical procedures Annie is thankfully doing much better now. The Positive Restorations Animal Rescue in Colorado adopted her. Krissy Mosbarger describes her as ,,a beautiful soul’’. She also is thinking about adopting her. Annie today is not recognizable as the same dog she once was. She always is wagging her tail and spreads a lot of energy. Annie is still not fully recovered but she for sure is on the right track.

The will of the candy canine to live is so powerful. However Annie’s medical remedy has so far costed over $16,000. From here on it will get even more expensive. To give Annie a second chance at life no amount of money is too much for Mosbarger.

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Annie needs everyone who got love and support for her throughout her recovery. If you check the website of Positive Restorations Animal Rescue you can donate to them. Also the Facebook group ,,Justice For Mama Annie’’ got more information on her development.

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