What Your Native American Totem Says About You

The Wolf ( February 19- March 20):

The Wolf Native American Totem

The wolf is the symbol of wisdom and fear. There’s no middle path for them in life. They will either accept you or reject you. Extremely loyal, wise and fierce, people with this totem can go to any extreme to fight for the ones they care about.

native american totem

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Anne O'Boyle
Anne O'Boyle
1 year ago

I LOVE this Article & Art – & the insight provided here is insightful, interesting & intriguing. Always love a different & unique viewpoint of the people in my world – Thank you! Looking forward to more of your amazing work.

The legend of the thunderbird - Az Viral
2 months ago

[…] to be a mighty and much-loved symbol of the fierceness of the natural world. Its presence on totems, jewelry and other items is a reminder of this greatest of all […]

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