What Your Native American Totem Says About You

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The Snow Goose ( December 22- January 19):

The Snow Goose

Like the Snow Goose, people born within this time period are calm, composed and loyal by nature. They are honest about everything and loyalty is a virtue for them. If they have the support of their partners, they can work at great lengths, tolerating pain.


The Otter ( January 22-February 18):

The Otter Native American Totem

People born under this totem are warm and kind-hearted like the otter. Healing is a natural power they possess. It’s difficult for them to see others suffering and they try their best to keep everyone away from trouble.


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Anne O'Boyle
Anne O'Boyle
10 months ago

I LOVE this Article & Art – & the insight provided here is insightful, interesting & intriguing. Always love a different & unique viewpoint of the people in my world – Thank you! Looking forward to more of your amazing work.

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