What Your Native American Totem Says About You

The Woodpecker (June 21- July 21):

The Woodpecker

As their animal totem suggests, the woodpecker-people are extremely diligent. Their consistency, hard work, and their stubborn outlook radiate an energy which inspires others to stay focused in their lives.


The Salmon ( July 22- August 22):

The Salmon

The salmon-people are revolutionaries, always going against the wave. Their outlook towards life is different from us and these creative Salmon-people always want to break the existing notions.


The Bear ( August 23- September 22):

The Bear

Passionate and loyal, the calm bear- people can be extremely gentle with the ones they love but harsh towards the ones who dare to challenge their authority.


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Anne O'Boyle
Anne O'Boyle
1 year ago

I LOVE this Article & Art – & the insight provided here is insightful, interesting & intriguing. Always love a different & unique viewpoint of the people in my world – Thank you! Looking forward to more of your amazing work.


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