Man Saves 5 Crying Puppies At The Bottom Of Well

They happily learned that the puppies were completely healthy! Their cute faces made Surachet’s heart beat faster and made her even more determined to find a wonderful new family for the puppies.

He thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to find them a new home and in October 2018, he posted photos of their rescue on Facebook. It didn’t take long for the post to go viral. Thousands of people congratulated Surachet for saving the puppies lives and were excited for their little puppies.

How could they not be? They are adorable! The Surachet family decided to keep them all for themselves, as they saw the puppies as a sign of good luck.

It was no coincidence that Surachet was near the pit that morning, and it was no coincidence that they had the opportunity to save little lives.

Let them live and be useful! Share this stunning rescue story with other animal lovers today!

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