After Being Separated At The Shelter An Older Dog Sobs For His Closest Companion

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But then an unfortunate thing happened, their owners lost their jobs and could no longer raise them. He sent them to Miami Dade Animal Services in the hopes that they would find new owners However, the two dogs are old, so hard to adopt them.

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In April, an elderly couple decided to adopt Rocky. The other dog cried loudly when he had to leave his friend

Schwabo felt disoriented and unsure of what to do without his bigger brother, to the point that he didn’t even want to try the meal.
Jani explained: “He grew up idolizing Rocky, and Rocky is still his elder brother now that he’s an adult.” Rocky holds a special place in his heart.
Schwabo, on the other hand, developed arthritis and was limping, therefore he was taken to the upcoming animal level for observation and evaluation.

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